The Fly Girl 10 The Fly Girl 10 My Story My name is Casey Grant, I was born at Elgin Air Force Base located near Valparaiso, Florida in 1949. My love for travel and adventure was launched from my father’s military career. He was a Master Sergeant in the Air Force. I started school in England, lived in Africa and was raised in Rantoul, Illinois. I began flying for Delta Air Lines in 1971 in Atlanta Georgia, and retired after 35 years. In 2003, I received a degree in interior design from Harrington College of Design in Chicago. I host BlogTalk Radio program called The Fly Girl Show, and am the author of my first book, Stars in the Sky. I presently reside in Chicago where I give back working community services as a mental health/behavior consultant. When time permits, I love relaxing on the beach and traveling to interesting destinations like Nice, France and Frankfurt Germany. I express my creative side through interior design projects, and by writing my next book which will be a children’s book. My purpose for the children's book is to give them the opportunity to read about pioneers in aviation, to encourage them to pursue their dreams, and to never give up on their goals in life.

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